This page is all about the World Schools Debating Championships.

At present this wiki mainly contains information about organising the World Schools Debating Championships, which might be useful to forthcoming and possible future hosts. The wiki is based on the WikiMedia engine, so anyone with experience of editing Wikipedia should find it easy to use.

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Improving the guideEdit

Anyone is welcome to add to and improve the hosting guide, or to add other information which might be useful, but please follow these rules:

1. Please register before you make your first edit. This enables the wiki administrators to track changes more easily.

2. Discuss things when necessary. If you're planning to make major changes, or you think your edits might be controversial, discuss them first on an article's talk page (click on "discussion" and post there).

3. Please don't split up articles without a good reason. The wiki was set up with long articles for a good reason - to make it easier for current/future host nations to print them out without having to visit dozens of pages.

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