There are a number of final tasks which fall to the Chief Adjudicator and the CAP.

Report to World CouncilEdit

You may wish, or be asked, to make a report on the adjudication side of the competition to the World Council Meeting (traditionally held on the day of the Grand Final).

Your report should be a honest summary of the success of the competition and a look at any issues which require further thought. It is not a good time for extended discussion and hasty decisions, however. The Adjudication Working Group is there to help, however, and can be delegated to look at issues in further depth.

Working with the Executive CommitteeEdit

As well as your verbal report to the Council, it is helpful if you supply a report in writing to the Council's Executive Committee soon after the competition. This would include a record of the results of the debates, a summary of any important complaints you dealt with, and any other lessons learnt or recommendations for the future.

Your experiences will be invaluable to future CAs. Please volunteer to serve on the Executive Committee's Adjudication Working Group for at least the following year, so that you can share detailed experiences with the other members.

You are also heartily encouraged to add your thoughts to this wiki - see the if you're not sure how!

Thanks to judgesEdit

A small point, but a nice one – an e-mail of thanks individually to each judge can go down very well – especially the first-timers or ones from newer countries. The competition depends on the volunteered services of international judges and letting them know how much we appreciate their time (and often expense) is a good thing.

Collating the resultsEdit

Hopefully your tab system will have made it easy to collate the results, both in round-by-round form and in an overall table.

Teams making the break should be ranked as follows:

  • Winners – 1st
  • Runners-up – 2nd
  • Highest-ranked (in the break) semi-finalist: 3rd
  • Lowest-ranked Semi-Finalist: 4th
  • Highest-ranked losing Quarter-Finalist: 5th
  • ...and so on until the 17th team, after which all teams are ranked accordingly to the break

These results should be sent to the Convenor, and to the Executive for posting on

You may choose to publish the individual rankings as well – if you do, it’s recommended to limit it to the top 50, top 75 etc., as there is little benefit in naming the worst speaker at the tournament.

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